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What we believe

first_visitWe share our beliefs with those of the late Dr Robert Barkley, from Illinois, USA, who has been described as the father of preventive dentistry.

Barkley believed that

you cannot stop dental disease by filling holes and spaces

.He taught his patients how to become healthy without having to incur great expense, and how to remain healthy without having to depend on himself.

We think this makes sound sense, and his principles are the foundation of how we also practise.

Throughout your treatment, we will try to practise in accordance with four basic beliefs:

  1. We believe you are responsible for and have the right to make the decisions about your own health, and so we aim to keep you informed about what is happening in your mouth so that you can make the right choices about your treatment.
  2. We really do believe that prevention is better than any cure. We know that preventing problems from arising is much better and less costly than allowing things to go wrong, and so we aim to teach you everything we know about how to keep your mouth healthy.
  3. We believe in ‘teeth for life’. In this day and age, everybody should be able to look forward to keeping their own teeth for the whole of their life, and the cost of caring for them should not be a factor in this. We believe that nobody should be placed in the position where they would choose to lose teeth purely on the basis of expense. This is why we have developed our dental health plan for you.
  4. We believe that only the best is good enough. We know that the more often a tooth needs repair, the greater the risk that you might lose that tooth. When we perform any restorative treatment, eg a permanent filling or a crown or a root canal filling, on any of your teeth, we will do it to the highest standard, so that the risk of the restoration ever needing to be replaced is as low as can be made possible. Hence we aim to reduce your need for dental treatment in the future and help you to fulfil your expectation of ‘teeth for life’.