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Root Canal Therapy

rootsIn the recent past the prospect of needing a ‘root canal treatment’ was enough to reduce grown men – and most dentists to quivering jellies! For both the patient and the dentist it was an ordeal, to say the least.

Fortunately, as is now often the case elsewhere, root canal therapy has recently undergone a complete revolution, both with the instruments and the methods we use, so much so, that whilst still a challenging treatment to perform, the time it takes has been dramatically reduced and the success rates have correspondingly increased.

Whilst from a dentist’s point of view I would not go as far as admitting that it is an enjoyable procedure to perform, the reduction in stress and the improved probability of success provides a very high degree of satisfaction.

From a patient’s viewpoint, many teeth which might previously have been unsaveable can now be retained for life. Treatment is pain free and we have even had patients fall asleep whilst we have been performing their treatment!