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Teeth Whitening

whiteningThis is one of the simplest cosmetic procedures you can have done to your teeth.It is a highly effective way of lightening the natural colour of your teeth, without harming the tooth structure. Hence it is much preferred and very much less expensive than some of the other methods of changing the appearance of the teeth, such as with veneers or crowns.

The teeth are whitened using a special peroxide gel, a small amount of which is put into moulds which fit closely over your teeth and are worn for periods of several hours, usually at night. The moulds are constructed in a dental laboratory from impressions of your teeth taken by your dentist.

The whitening effects begin to be seen after three or four applications, but it may take two or three weeks to achieve the desired effect, depending on the degree to which the teeth were discoloured at the beginning of the treatment. The whitening effect can last for several months and can be ‘topped up’ as required.

Unfortunately, the colour of your front fillings and porcelain restorations, such as crowns or veneers, will not be affected by the whitening process, and these may have to be replaced in order to match the new colour of your teeth. If you are due to have crowns or front fillings replaced, it may be worth considering having your teeth whitened beforehand.

The teeth whitening procedure which we use is proven to be entirely safe, with no long term side effects. An increase in sensitivity to cold is experienced by some people, but these symptoms cease within a few days of completing the treatment.

Although there are ‘one visit’ treatments, often performed by people who are not dentists, the results do not compare favourably with those treatments carried out over a two to three week period. Some people have suffered from badly burned gums following their ‘one visit’ treatment and others have complained that the whitening effect has been very short lived.