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about_usYour First Visit

If you are coming to us for the first time, we like you to arrive a little early, so we can show you where things are in the practice and explain how we work here.

At your first appointment, we will try to treat any urgent problems that may be causing you pain. Once these have been dealt with, we will spend some time gathering information about your mouth and your dental health, and learning what is right for your mouth and what it is that you need and want.

We will perform a complete examination of your mouth, which will include looking at the health of the soft tissues and your gums.

In looking at your teeth, we will check not only to see if your teeth and any fillings are sound, but also how they meet when you bite and whether they show any signs of excessive wear or tear.

We will check the health of the jaw joints and make sure they are operating correctly and smoothly. We will also take x-ray pictures which allow us to see inside the teeth and beneath the gums at the underlying bone.

You may be surprised that unlike some dentists you may already have visited, we do not rush to perform repairs in your mouth. We want to be sure as far as possible that we avoid unnecessary and repetitive work, and to give time for any preventive measures to have an effect. We also want to make sure that once you have had a tooth restored, you stand the least chance of that tooth ever needing repair again.

We believe very strongly in giving you control over what happens in your mouth. We feel it is important that you are involved in the treatment planning and decision making process, that will lead to lasting improvements in the comfort and appearance of your mouth, and enable you to remain healthy and to keep your teeth for the whole of your life.