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Your Regular Check ups

promiseUp until now, the traditional check-up appointment has been seen as an inspection visit when the dentist checks your mouth to see if he or she needs to do anything. The emphasis has been very much on the dentist ‘finding things to do’.

When you come to see us for your routine check-up, it will be an opportunity for you to demonstrate your progress and your ability to maintain your own dental health. You will be able to check that you are looking after your mouth correctly and to ask for any help or advice that you need.

Different people have different needs and capabilities, and so the interval between dental health checks will vary from one person to another.
Give your mouth the ‘Mercedes’ treatment!

The cornerstone of this new preventive approach is your Dental Therapist and Hygienist. She works in partnership with your dentist and is an essential member of your dental health team.

Our aim is to teach you everything we know about and do to care for our mouths so that you too can expect to keep your mouth in a healthy condition for the whole of your life, and with the minimum of treatment. Your dental therapist and hygienist will regularly check your mouth for you, to ensure it is in a healthy state, and she will make sure that you know what to use in your daily home care and how to use it correctly. She will be able to discuss with you and give you advice about matters that may concern you and highlight potential troublespots that may require extra attention.

To use an analogy, in 1976 when I was stationed in Germany with the armed forces, I bought my first and only ever brand new Mercedes-Benz.

When I took my car for its first service, I was introduced to my very own personal engineer, Wilhelm Schmidt.

I had a great respect for Willi; he was a qualified engineer and he knew what he was talking about! He was the person to whom I would bring the car for regular servicing.

At our first meeting, he made sure that I knew when and how to check the oil, the water and the brake fluid, and more importantly which hole to put each into. He also showed me where the tool kit was and where the jacking points were if I needed to change a wheel.

He demonstrated and made sure that I knew how best to drive the car in order to ensure long and trouble-free motoring, and he specified the recommended service intervals. Heaven forbid that I ever exceeded them!

If I developed a problem between services, I was able to call him, and when I brought the car in for servicing, I was able to tell him about any things that concerned me, eg oil drips, funny noises etc. He would then examine the car and adjust or advise accordingly.

Occasionally he might identify a problem which required greater attention, and of course, every year the car would be taken and given a thorough mechanical inspection and a test drive.Always, when he had finished servicing the car, Willi would have it valeted and he personally returned it to me in ‘good as new’ condition, with a knowing look.

How long it remained like that was up to me.